When you post remember you are posting to a world audience. You must use correct punctuation - sentences must start with capital letters and end with full stops, check your spelling and use writing language not text language. Mrs FR

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

These are my writing , reading and maths goals for the rest of this year.

What are my next learning steps?
1. I would like to be even more detailed because sometimes I am and sometimes I’m not.
2.To make sure I am using my punctuation correctly and I am always using capital letters.
3.rewrite things to make them make more sense to my reader.

What are my next learning steps?
1.To think deeper about what the author is trying to get across to me.
2. To understand the themes author's purpose and bias in the story.
3.To read more challenging texts.

What are my next learning steps?
1. To get more confidant with dividing decimals.
2.To get better at my standad written form.
3.To start to do maths a a comfortable stage eight level.

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