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Friday, 18 July 2014

Hi guys so I turned 12 these holidays to I got a really cool watch and I have planned a party for sometime so that will be fun.
Hi everyone so holidays have been sort of fun I went down to Dunedin and I got my braces and I thought they would be really sore but when I got them on they didn't hurt at all, well I think I spoke to soon later in the night I couldn't eat I was starving so I hope you all have good teeth.
I do speech and drama and about two mounths ago I had speech and drama competitions.It was so scary waiting to do your thing and watching everyone else perform. But in the end I ended up doing really well I got first in my drama that I did with my friend Nina, we did the part of Veruca Salt and Mr Salt from Charlie and the chocolate factory By Roald Dahl. I was Mr Salt. I got second in my New Zealand poem it was called my other Jandal By Don Franks. I got second in my site reading which was the scariest of them all. And I got third in my test poem I'd never fall in love with a girl. I love speech and drama it is so fun i will definately do those comps next year and i got a placing in everything so I was really happy.