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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Who was Pontius Pilate and what did he do?
Pontius Pilate was the Roman Governor of Judea. In Holy week he was the one who sentenced Jesus to be crucified.

Pontius pilate wasn’t the one who wanted to kill Jesus but he caved under the pressure of the Jews. His wife told him not to put Jesus to death because of a dream that she had that night. But he did it anyway.

Pontius pilate didn’t want to be the one to kill Jesus so he left it to the soldiers.

What we can learn from Pontius Pilate is not to cave under pressure and to do the right thing even when it is really hard.

Pontius pilate was the one who sentenced Jesus to be crucified. We can learn from him not to cave under pressure. I don’t think he was a bad man but I do think he could have made a better decision when it came to sentencing Jesus to death.


  1. You took lots of excellent lessons away from this reflection about Pontius Pilate, Niveek. A fantastic piece of writing - well done.

  2. I agree with Mr Moore Niveek. An excellent reflection on the messages around Pontius Pilate and what can happen when we give into peer pressure.
    Well done in your role as the storyteller in Aladdin too. You were very impressive,