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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Book Review



Diary of  a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck is a fiction book written by a very talented Jeff Kinney.

In this book the main character Gregory Hefley, always has a problem, weather his best friend has a girlfriend and forgets about him or he doesn't do his homework because he thinks it's more important to relax and play video games and then gets himself into trouble with his teacher. He feels like he can't make friends and he's down on his luck. Until he finds a magic 8 ball and thinks it will make all his decisions for him that his luck will change. But does it?...

I think the message the Author is trying to get across is that  Gregory needs to stand on his own two feet as he oftern takes his friends especially Rowley for granted and uses him to carry his books and walk in front of him in case there is dog pooh on the footpath or dogs not on their chains.
I think the Author is trying to teach Gregory to treat people better and to have respect for others otherwise he could end up a very lonely boy.

I think what the Author is communicating is a valuable lesson to everyone not to take people for granted but to treat them with respect.

I really enjoyed this book as I have the rest of the series. I would highly recommend this book to others to read as it is humourous and entertaining with a good under lying lesson.

By Niveek

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  1. You made some really perceptive comments about the author's intentions and you gave good examples to back up your statements. Well done.